Saturday, December 1, 2018


"Doesn't this reflect a swing between competing factions? The Republican minority wins control, then the Democratic majority responds. But with each swing, the country tips further to the right. Has it fallen over?" – link

"But [Comey's] emails." – link

"I think most of the authoritarianism we are now experiencing can be summarized as 'same s*** different century.' It's not new, it's not brilliant, it's not anything except brutal and terrifying." – link

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The Blog Fodder said...

Until the Dems come out with a unified very progressive platform they are doomed to failure every time. Right now too many of them are Republican lite.
In Canada, we have the Conservatives who are rapidly becoming Republican North, the NDP who are somewhat progressive but can never achieve power and the Liberals who steal enough ideas from the NDP to get elected but in general benefit the wealthy and corporations, just not to the same extent as today's conservatives