Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Links! Donate! Volunteer! Vote! The Senate is Balanced on a Knife Edge!

My favorite elections analysis site, Sam Wang's Princeton Electoral Consortium, informs us that the Senate is balanced on a knife edge. Five races, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Iowa, and Louisiana are most likely to tip the balance now, and possibly Georgia and North Carolina. So get out there. If you have money, donate. If you live in one of those states, volunteer. It's time, unless you really want to find out how much more damage the Republicans can do to the USA.

Alaska - Mark Begich

Arkansas - Mark Pryor

Colorado - Mark Udall

Georgia - Michelle Nunn


Iowa - Bruce Braley

Louisiana - Mary Landrieu

North Carolina - Kay Hagan

Act Blue provides fund-raising services to Democratic campaigns

  They need money, too

Friday, September 12, 2014

Chechens? Chechens? ISIL! ISIL!

Me, back in 2013:
These are people who have never known peace. I cannot see how the children of Chechnya could be anything war-traumatized. The surprise, perhaps, is that there have not been more international terrorists from Chechnya.

Dr. Adam L. Silverman, guest-blogging on Balloon Juice yesterday:

ISIL’s actual vanguard and some of their hardest core fighters are actually about 1,000 hardened Chechens who were radicalized and reactionized in their long rebellion and insurgency against the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin.