Thursday, May 13, 2021


I'm not blogging enough – Twitter is too distracting. So here's some tweets instead.


“If Bush v Gore was our time’s Dred Scott, Jan 6 was its Fort Sumter. It seems to me we are now at the beginning of an unconventional civil war.” -


“Migrant children in Border Control custody has dropped 80%.” –


“The reason we have a problem [with the law courts] is that Congress doesn’t want to make those decisions in the first place.” –


“@DrEricDing [The Indian COVID response] is democide-mass murder by government policy. “Never again. Not now.” –


“I find American vaccine hesitancy utterly baffling because if you’re born in India, your parents will get you every vaccine they can find. That might be all the healthcare you ever get! It’s not debatable - it’s mandatory if you want to live.” –