Saturday, July 21, 2012

Corvids Feast in Denver

For those of you who have been hiding under a rock, there has been a mass shooting a the Denver opening of Batman. Twelve are dead and 58 injured. The murderer, a man named Holmes, planned the murder, and apparently also planted a bomb in his apartment, which has so far kept police out, and led to the evacuation of five buildings. It appears that Holmes played annoying music and left his door ajar, apparently in an attempt to attract  neighbors who would open the door and detonate the bomb.

The most extensive coverage is at the Denver Post. Talking Points Memo also has good coverage.

Holmes was a neuroscience student, who recently dropped out of graduate school at the University of Colorado. As usual with such people, he was a polite man who kept to himself.

I will venture the following speculations about what will be found when Holmes's background is investigated:
  1. It will turn out that Holmes had a history of violent fantasies, possibly even a history of actual violence, perhaps directed at animals
  2. He studied neuroscience in part because he was seeking a cure for his disorder, but it may also have given him the opportunity to cause pain.
  3. His problems were recognized. It is possible he sought help for them.
  4. The people who recognized his problems did not act on the knowledge, perhaps were unable to do so. If he sought help, he did not get it.
A history of violence-related mental illness would have disqualified Holmes from legal weapons purchase and ownership, if the laws regarding weapons purchase and ownership were taken at all seriously. It is as I said, years ago: you hominids will end up with the right to own weapons and nothing else.

[Update:] Yup.