Wednesday, December 5, 2018

On George H W Bush and the Patriarchy

Singer-songwriter Tom Smith, writing on Facebook, links The Rude Pundit on G H W Bush.

Oh, yeah. He was a really awful President, though he did a few good things. Possibly the worst two things he did was covering for the treason of Iran-Contra and paving the way for, first his son to go to war for no good reason, destabilizing western Asia, and then for the election of Donald Trump.

But, hey, say the pundits, he was a a vaguely paternalistic white guy and we should respect him for that. They are so easy to con, these white men and women. Show them someone they think might be their grandfather or their father, who was nice to their family, and they must be an OK President. That's why Trump is unpopular. It's not that he's destroying so much of what the USA has worked so hard to build. It's that he's vulgar. He's like the creepy uncle that everyone loves to hate. But a well-mannered grandfather who hates women and gays, that's OK.

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yellowdoggranny said...

I didn't weep..and won't miss him many friends that died of aids..