Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Tweets and Toots

To create socialism in a society, Enlightenment values must first be present, or you end up with state capitalism instead - that's what happened in Russia and China.

Spoutible, with its ill-defined ban on "adult content," is falling right in with the fascist anti-LGTBQAI+, anti-sex line.

If the House Republicans destroy the faith and credit of the US government, they will be granting a boon to that modern slave empire, China.

Repeal the debt ceiling.

Could someone please hurry up and create a decent Twitter alternative already?

CNN will present the fascist and the non-fascist side of every issue?

LLM-generated content is partially garbage, and depends on human input. I don't think he's got a business model there.

Because their god wants children to die of preventable diseases. Sounds more like the devil in angel drag, but what do I know?  

I was today years old when I learned of the existence of the ammonium ion.

"I hate Illinois Nazis." (All right, he was actually from Missouri.)

A DOS attack on the world economy. Great, wonderful.

How many judges on the Fifth Circuit have taken bribes the way at least four of the "conservative" Supreme Court judges have?

It takes work to make yourself as much of a jerk as Elon Musk.

Well, Mr Musk, aren't you the little antisemite?

If my political faction made one of the greatest mistakes in history, I might be tempted to never think about it again, but I hope I would have the courage to acknowledge it and learn from it. (German Communists in the 1930s, but also conservatives now.)

There's plenty of other damage covid can do, too. You don't infect yourself with dangerous diseases.

By 2035, the Chinese economy will be the largest in the world, and it runs on coal and slavery.

Has any candidate, regardless of how corrupt, ever lost an election for being tough on crime?

Fk AI safety; I want to stop AI thievery.

Just in case you were wondering why Elon Musk caved so promptly and completely to the Turkish government, the Turkish government is hiring SpaceX to launch its satellite.

The Louisiana House doxxing Black children.

These days, instead of shooting people, tyrants deny health care.

Making deals with the world's largest human rights violator, a country which literally runs the biggest slave system in history, is not going to end well.

Draft ASHRAE proposal “Control of Infectious Aerosols” out for public review.

Woke up this morning to my phone informing me that Washington State is shutting down its covid exposure app. Thanks, guys.

With the hosting of a Trump campaign rally, CNN is not a news organization anymore; they are a fascist propaganda organization.

Trump is a groomer.

So when do Republicans repudiate the man guilty of sexual abuse? If they don't, when do women abandon the Republican Party?

“SFO becomes first US airport to formally launch airplane wastewater testing for emerging Covid-19 variants.”

A Supreme Court code of ethics is not enough. The bribery and rape claims ought to be investigated and, if true, the justices who did these things ought to be removed.

CDC director Walensky resigned unexpectedly as the covid state of emergency ended. It looks to me like she could not take fronting for the Biden administration any more. Our betters seem to have decided that the uncontrolled spread of covid is an acceptable cost.

If you put criminals in charge of your legal system, then the law itself will become criminal.

My hobby: quoting NRA firearms safety rules to ammosexuals.

The first Infinity Award recipient is Octavia E. Butler.

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