Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Lo, the Tweet Is On the Wing!

  • “Fentanyl is not a contact poison.” – tweet
  • “The deadlock within the Democratic Senate caucus is making it obvious which industries own which senators.” – tweet
  • “South Dakota: state of corruption.” – tweet
  • “Because an embryo is not a child, a fetus is not a child, and women are not to be enslaved.” – tweet
  • “More Brazil than 1984” – tweet
  • “There are some good cops, but there are almost no good police forces.” – tweet
  • “Newsflash! Commission finds that Taney court is not racist!” – tweet
  • In response to a school administrator arguing for a book to counterbalance a book on the Holocaust: “Obviously they need to get a copy of Mein Kampf.” – tweet
  • “The Democratic leadership is finally nerving itself to fight but the fascist Republicans are already fighting.” – tweet
  • In response to Texas Gov. Abbott going full anti-vax: “What plague breaks loose in Texas first? I'm betting on measles.” – tweet
  • “Default on the national debt could be the US version of Brexit.” – tweet
  • “We’ve literally taken a sniveling coward who couldn’t pay their debts and put them on our highest court of justice.” – tweet
  • “Republican leaders, like all sociopaths, are shameless. Please stop expressing surprise at this and do something about it.” – tweet
  • “When all of your public speech is performative, none if it can be taken at face value, Senators.” – tweet

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The Blog Fodder said...

Oh, yes! To all of them.