Monday, September 6, 2021

Tweets: Mostly on Covid

On Covid

We shouldn't be opening the schools this fall unless the children are masked, teachers and staff vaccinated, a covid testing system is in place, and the schools have certified ventilation systems. –

We're heading for a health care system crash, soon in red states, in a few months in blue. Don't get sick. I don't see how this ends. Do ICUs start turning away unvaccinated patients as less likely to survive? –

What are we going to do when Covid becomes endemic among children? –

So many deathbed conversions. I wish we would see the conversions before people were on their deathbeds. –

Other Topics

Terrorism works. School boards now need sergeants at arms. Maybe they could enlist school resource officers. –

I have come to the conclusion that the Texas Republican leadership should be strangled with coathangers. -

The MAGA want to make America great again by throwing away everything that made America great. –