Saturday, December 19, 2020

Morning Cranky Croaky Tweets

“If you work for the Klan, be you ever so personally decent, even if your job has nothing to do with burning crosses, you are still working for the Klan. Remember this, Republicans.” – tweet

“At what point do we say ‘we are being ruled by monsters’ and revolt?” – tweet

“The Republican Senate leadership is working on creating a depression during a pandemic. Fuck that cluster of fuckers.” (Collective noun due to Driftglass.) – tweet

“Democide. The apparent goal is to reduce the vast majority to poverty, disease, and servitude.” – tweet

“The goal, ultimately, is to destroy all workplace safety protections. It probably won’t pass this year, but it will be back.” - tweet


The Blog Fodder said...

If you voted for Mussolini to make the trains run on time, you still voted for Mussolini.

yellowdoggranny said...