Monday, September 23, 2019

The Spiritual Transformation of Environmental Consciousness and the Gaslighting of the Public

We need a spiritual transformation that will make the necessary changes acceptable and how to achieve that I have no idea; globally we are in such a horrible state of paralysis that it is hard to get many of us to accept even minor change.
The spiritual transformation is under way.

People are being publicly shamed, told to scourge themselves and advised to undertake solutions that will not work. Veganism, not flying – these things will not stop climate change, they are not major parts of the problem. Relying exclusively on wind and solar power will not work; this alone will not be enough, unless we are willing to accept poverty as a norm.

It is not necessary to create an egalitarian socialist paradise to prevent the world from roasting or drowning under the risen seas.

Shaming people is popular. People listen to the fire and brimstone sermons. It brings them catharsis. Then they go home and keep on sinning.

No amount of blaming ourselves, no amount of hurting ourselves will change physical law. The seas will rise regardless of how much we scourge ourselves or pray or beg the Almighty.

Human civilization must stop using fossil fuels, the sooner the better. There will be privation, but no one individual will be able to escape or choose this privation. It will be imposed. Doing it willingly, proactively, reluctantly, or forced will not make a jot of difference.

People will have their bonfire of the vanities and, in the end, go home and wait for the storms and the rising seas.

Humans are clearly preparing for this transformation. Good. But we are also lost and wondering what to do and which way to go. And there are all these people ready to offer solutions which place the blame on the people in the street, in the factories, in the fields. The blame belongs on the people who are striving to squeeze the last few dollars or riyals out of their fossil fuel holdings before it all becomes worthless.

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