Monday, November 8, 2010

WtF, Obama? Part 2

Well, I guess we know now. Faced with an election that is the crystallized result of essence of policy failure, Obama decides that he...sent the wrong message. Has this man ever passed a math class? Or done any physical craft? Done anything where failure is not the result of failing to be persuasive? Perhaps not.

Now, Obama is not a narcissist like Sarah Palin. I don't think he is even a "soulless technocrat," as Digby says. He seems a decent enough person with decent impulses. But he  does not seem capable of recognizing a policy failure, imagining a policy success, or understanding why policy success might lead to political success. You hominids are so screwed. And if there's an actual military conflict, I cannot imagine how Obama could be an effective Commander-in-Chief.


[Afterthought of a few minutes: is it possible that the only people who can now be elected to the Presidency are acting the role? That seems depressingly likely.]

[Minor change the day after posting.]


Ted K said...

Eh, a little vicious for you Raven.

I still have some faint hope. He missed his chance to be a great one when he threw the towel in against the big banks. When he decided he wanted to be pals with Jamie Dimon his chance for greatness passed him by. The sad thing is he doesn't even realize it yet.

Raven Onthill said...

Well, corvids eat dead things, after all. But after the Fiscal Commission Report, I think it's justified. If Obama thought at all about consequences, he would not have created that commission.

Jonathan Versen said...

hi Raven,

this op-ed about Obama in the LRB might interest you:

Raven Onthill said...

Jonathan, thanks for your comment. Bromwich (the essayist linked) makes a case for Obama as narcissist. He makes some interesting points, but I think he postulates too much, assuming a knowledge of the personalities involved that I don't think he (or, probably, anyone) has. He also badly misunderstands LBJ and his place in history, badly enough to make me question the overall competence of the essay.