Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Senate Democratic Leadership

The first fight will be in the Senate over cabinet nominations. If the Democrats don't come out fighting, I think the Republicans will just roll over them. So in one corner we have…

Senate Minority Leader Schumer. The whip will be Durbin, and third-ranking is Patricia Murray from Washington State. Sanders and Manchin will have roles.

Schumer opposed Obama’s Iran deal.

Manchin (D-Coal): “If President-elect Trump comes with good policies, I’m going to be 1,000 percent behind him. Okay? Maybe the rest of my caucus will not, but I’m going to find a pathway forward,”

Murray is the Senator who made the budget deal with Paul Ryan which cut off unemployment insurance to families which direly needed it. One person I know lost theirs on their birthday and is still bitter about it.

Can someone find me some positives here, please? Except for Sanders, who is apparently relegated to a PR role, I don't think this lot is going to fight.

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