Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Allies in Defeat: A Call For Unity On the Left

Listen up you-all: the Democratic primaries are over: it is time to unify. We lost to Trump due to sexism, racism, bad press, and bad luck, but above all to sexism. If Sanders had been the candidate, we might instead have lost to the Republicans two-foot thick folder of opposition research on Sanders. The party and the candidates knew it: both made concessions to bring the Democratic Party together and, if it hadn't been for the appalling conduct of the press and malfeasance on the part of FBI director Comey, perhaps that would have been enough.

But now, both factions are acting like the cat who bites the vet. The vet isn't the cat's enemy, but the vet is in reach, so the cat is biting. Even more than before it is necessary for Americans to come together to oppose the fascists. So let's do it!

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