Monday, November 21, 2016

Fascist Synergies

This election was won by sexism, racism, bad press, and bad luck, more-or-less in that order. This doesn’t mean that all Trump supporters were sexist and racist; many of them have not taken him at his word. But the sexists and racists tipped the balance, as well as the media sexism that made a woman’s minor failings seem major while ignoring the huge failings of a man.

But Trump…Trump is only part of the story here. The rest of the story is the brutal fairly-tale world of Mike Pence and Paul Ryan. Ryan, I think, imagines himself as St. John Galt; a combination of religious conservative and crazed individualist. But neither of these views relate to the real world. Pence seems to me one of these people who hides himself in religion. Reading his speeches, I am struck by the sheer intensity of his sexual fears, and am left wondering if he is a man intellectually crippled by child abuse.

What none of these people are doing is thinking realistically about consequences: they are doing what they feel is right. Trump is feeding his vast ego. Pence is assuaging his fears. Ryan is fulfilling his fantasies.

Put all of these together and — what? There seems no way to tell, except it is likely to be cruel, destructive, and expensive. And they are playing on a world stage, and in a physical world. We don't know how their various crazinesses will interact with the crazinesses of other countries, and we don't know how this will interact with growing environmental problems.

Bozhe moi!

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The Blog Fodder said...

They may not be foaming a the mouth sexist and racist (David duke says he isn't racist)but they voted for Trump knowing he was. That makes them complicit in the crime. Don't apologize for them and don't pussyfoot. Make people own their vote and not weasel out. America and the world have very scary times ahead of them.