Monday, February 22, 2016

To Hippie-Punching Clinton Supporters

I wish you guys would stop. "Berniebros" is just the latest iteration of that. (I know there are real ones. I also know there aren't very many of them and Sanders reviles them.) The DFHs have been right much more than wrong. And why should the DFHs or the Sanders supporters fall into line when they've every reason to expect to get stiffed, not by Clinton's supporters but by Clinton herself?

Then there's Dolores Huerta and her chanting Berniebots, who don't seem to exist.
At 55:18 the caucus moderator (not Sanders' supporters) simply stated that the inability to locate a neutral translator meant the caucus would continue in "English only." At no point did any Sanders supporters appear to have refused a translator based on the fact that translation was objectionable to them; nor was "English only" used in a pejorative fashion. — Snopes
At best, Heurta let her expectations alter her perceptions and memories. She has spread a falsehood, like many of those about Hillary Clinton, that will never be entirely discredited.

Obama, now, he did great things on civil rights: gay marriage, all these things. But these touched none of the issues of income inequality and their links to racism. Because of the inadequate action on employment and the mortgage crisis, African-Americans unemployment skyrocketed and African-Americans were thrown out of their homes by the thousands. Obama signature success, the ACA, was achieved by making vast concessions to the 1% and Hillary Clinton thinks well of it, seems to feel she had a part in it.

But so many feminist issues — and as far as I can tell, Hillary Clinton is a sincere feminist — are issues of class. They necessarily come into conflict with the desires of the 1%. Obama resolved a similar conflict by simply not addressing the racial component of inequity. I wonder how Hillary Clinton will resolve it.

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