Monday, February 22, 2016

I think I see the Clinton Strategy

Bernie Sanders, a man whose “record on civil rights is unimpeachable. It spans seven decades. It began with open housing protests in Chicago, the nut even Dr. King couldn't crack. It is a straight line from those protests to his support of marriage equality today. It is consistent and it is admirable. And it somehow hasn't been enough.” — Charles Pierce

So, Bernie Sanders, who has stood for equality and peace all his life, is to be painted as racist and sexist so that Hillary Clinton, who participated in William Clinton’s racist campaign (look up “Sister Souljah”) and gutted the welfare system, which has failed in the new depression, putting, especially, black families at risk, can win the Democratic nomination.

I think it is going to work. In working, it will tear a rift in the Democratic left that probably will not ever be healed. It may even cost the Democrats the election. How will anyone on the left with any integrity support a candidate who has done that? And yet who wants to see President Trump, Cruz, or Rubio?

I think it will end up that Clinton will have to win this election with a deeply divided party, and without the efforts and perhaps even votes of many people who might have stood with her.

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