Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Trump has shown us how much hidden racism there is. I wonder how much hidden antisemitism there is. –

Give the southern states to African-Americans as part of reparations. –

The Democratic Party, for all its faults, has people with consciences. As we are seeing right now on display in the Senate, the Republican Party does not. Doesn't make the Democrats great, but makes them reachable. That's better than the fascists running the Republican Party. –


Doug1943 said...

A strong argument can be made that every tribe should have its own sovereign state, where it is the overwhelming majority and in which it can do as it pleases. It's the soft form of white racism in the US, called 'ethno-nationalism'. Stalin forced the American Communist Party to raise this insane demand in the 1930s -- you can find maps of the proposed Black nation -- based on counties in the South where Blacks were a majority - if you look for it online.

The history of the multiplication of states after the Second World War would lend credence to this idea, as would the terrible ethnic slaughters and forced population transfers in the Third World, and Yugoslavia and Cyprus, where one tribe is a minority. This history shows how crazy the idea that "Diversity is Strength". Diversity is bloody civil war, actually.

America, in that sense, is swimming against the stream. We have always emphasized what could be called "civic nationalism" as an alternative to 'nation-nationalism". In America, patriotism is the only effective anti-racism.

However, the Left is working hard to destroy patriotism as a legitimate feeling, and to popularize the concept of racial identity politics -- for non-whites only, of course. But if this idea catches on, it will inevitably spread to the whites, and the consequences will be awful. But then the Left has a long history of putting into practice nice-sounding ideas which result in nightmares in practice, so we shouldn't be surprised at their latest wheeze.


from my earliest memories I heard ..America is a melting pot of different people..only problem? we're not melting..

Raven Onthill said...

Thank you for your replies. Doug, I started a long reply to you, but it is rapidly turning into a blog post of its own, and is taking up time on a day when I have other things to do. I think it is interesting enough to finish out, and I'll probably get to that later this week but, meantime, I will clarify one point: I was not thinking of establishing a separate African-American republic, but rather gathering Southern fortunes and large estates that grew out of the times of slavery and segregation and turning them over to African-Americans as reparation for their on-going mistreatment.