Saturday, January 25, 2020

And, actual news: Trump is a poo-flinging monkey, and racism

Parnas attorney just released the entire recording of that dinner party where Trump said that something must be done about Yovanovitch. Wow. Wow.
Washington lawyer Susan Simpson listens to it, so you don't have to:

Also, over at Daily Kos, David Neiwert on the primacy of racism over economic considerations in voter behavior:

Reiterating my take on Sanders and racism: Sanders does speak of racism, but obliquely, in the context of 1930s Germany, where economics was a factor. The only candidate to have spoken of racism directly was Hillary Clinton, in her "Two Baskets" speech, and she was blasted for it. While racism was preexisting, the massive economic losses of the crash of 2008 were used to help raise the demon, but I do not believe that ameliorating them will lay it. One cannot unsow the wind.

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trump is a evil fuck