Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Treason: The Clean Up

To begin with, we need to remove Trump from office. Vice President Pence is also implicated and perhaps should also be removed. The Republicans will scream “dictatorial conduct,” but, really, who cares? Perhaps the Trumpists will rise in revolt, but they are already almost there.
Beyond that, we have to assume there are more people whose behavior, while it may not be treasonous, is at least disloyal. We know that Trump has long-standing ties to Russia’s Putin’s and has betrayed us to Turkey’s Erdo─čan. Trump’s conduct towards North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is disloyal. We know that Russia, and perhaps other countries have intervened in US elections. There is a dire need for a counter-intelligence investigation. How many Congresspeople are indebted to these and other foreign governments? Senator McConnell most likely. But who else? As much as is possible, these people must be prosecuted. Where it is not possible to prosecute, we must at least expose them.
How many of Trump’s judges are also disloyal and in the pay of foreign powers?
How many executive appointees have been placed to undermine the agencies they work for? How many of these saboteurs have promoted incompetents and saboteurs.
How far does the rot go?
And a big long loud raspberry to the Roberts Court, which, with its crack-brained Citizens United decision, opened the door to vast unchecked foreign donations to elections. That must be overturned, by Constitutional amendment if necessary. We need campaign finance reform: we must prevent wealthy hostile powers from buying the loyalty of candidates. We also need much more sunlight on the backgrounds and health of our candidates for office. We must see their finances and know that they are, at least, not demented as Trump appears.


The Blog Fodder said...

That is quite a list. I think you will have most Republican Senators and all higher-up Bureaucrats in Prison. Put them in for-profit prisons owned by Dems.


jail them impeach them..I don't care..get them the fuck out..sigh*

Raven Onthill said...

At this point we also have to try Trump for crimes against humanity (it might be better to send him to Geneva) and take in Kurdish and Syrian refugees.

I don't know if any of the Democratic leadership has the guts to do that.