Sunday, October 6, 2019

Prosecuting High-Level Traitors

There have been numerous complaints that a whistleblower on Trump's conduct ought not to have been needed. Jim Wright (@Stonekettle) on Twitter:
Here's the thing, America: Whistleblowers are great and all, but in the case of Donald Trump they are unnecessary. Congress does NOT require a whistleblower. Trump's twitter for the last 3 years is more than enough. All Congress needs to do is their job.
Congress and the President have been winking at traitorous Republican leaders since Nixon, since President Johnson realized that Nixon and Kissinger had meddled in treaty negotiations with Vietnam to win the Presidency. Since that time we have had Iran-Contra, leaders pardoned by GHW Bush, the second Iraq war, conducted entirely on false premises, and now Trump, Russia, and the Ukraine.

Our whole foreign policy mechanism has failed.

Liberals and the further left have been screaming about this for 30 years, and in all that time we have been told to keep quiet, that the leaders knew what they were doing. And now we have President Trump.

Too much power has been ceded to the Executive, especially the President. We have become the nation our founders never wanted us to be.


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The Blog Fodder said...

What is there about Republicans that attracts the criminal mind? Your most recent blog has a laundry list of all the current lot of traitors and sell-outs. Is the system fixable?