Monday, June 19, 2017

I Read the News Today Oh Boy

There are one dead and ten injured in the London van attack. Teresa May is calling it terrorism – arsonist fighting the fire she set. J K Rowling tweets, "The Mail has misspelled 'terrorist' as 'white van driver.' Now let's discuss how he was radicalised.” British reporter James Melville offers a montage of anti-Islamic tabloid covers.

In Seattle, Charleena Lyles, an African-American woman, called the police on a burglar and was shot by the police. The Seattle Times offers the following headline: "Mother with knife killed by police was pregnant and had mental-health issues.”

In DC, 17-year-old Muslim girl assaulted and killed after leaving Virginia mosque,

I think I am going to find a roost somewhere and defend it against all comers.

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