Thursday, October 29, 2015

Despair From the Third Republican Debate

The responses to the third Republican debate range from “Meh, more crazy” to “These Fuckin’ People” to “It was an abomination, and it was sickening.”

I think P. M. Carpenter hit this one out of the park:
I’m plenty used to it, but there was something about tonight’s government-bashing — it’s bad, government is all bad, it’s wicked and malicious and a deliberate torment — that was indescribably disturbing and, as previously noted, deeply depressing. […] It was an abomination, and it was sickening.—P. M. Carpenter, #CNBCGOPDebate - in 25 words
Jim Wright on Facebook:
Jesus Christ, did, did he just say ... Vince Foster? Seriously? EVERYBODY SHOTGUN A FIFTH! […] I, uh, what? You know what? Fuck it, I’m calling it good. DRINK!—Jim Wright on his own Facebook open thread
Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo slips in the shiv with relative calm: The Six Worst Moments From CNBC's Very Bad Debate Night.

Crooks and Liars, CNBC Debate: It Pays To Bash The Media.

“Take demagogues seriously. Voters love them. And they’re only a joke until they win.”
Rick Perlstein

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