Monday, October 6, 2014

The Terrorists Are Winning

Recently, Jim Wright linked the obscene remarks of Todd Kincannon on appropriate control of ebola in Africa, which involves murdering patients and burning their homes and their neighbors homes. One wonders what he thinks is appropriate in Texas Health Presbyterian in Dallas, where Thomas Eric Duncan lies in critical condition, but it would not surprise me if he was willing to destroy the hospital, killing all its patients.

Kincannon is a lawyer and was, briefly, the head of the South Carolina Republican Party. He is, apparently, a racist homophobic sexual harasser. Given the power, it seems likely that he would, just as he says, commit mass murder.

Why is this man granted any authority at all? Why has he not been disbarred?

A while back I researched the founding and leadership of Likud, the radical Israel party that is making life hell on earth for the Gaza Palestinians. The first Likud Prime Minister, Menachem Begin, was the last commander of the Irgun, the brutal, but perhaps not terrorist, radical Zionist organization. The second, Yitzhak Shamir, was a senior Lehi leader—Lehi, which open modeled itself on the Irish Republican Army, and was actively terrorist. So: Likud is a terrorist party, the USA has been arming it, and the press does not seem to notice, or care. And Hamas is also a terrorist party. So in Israel/Palestine now, we have a terrorist-dominated Palestinian government fighting a terrorist-dominated Israeli government. In Gaza, now, it is terrorists fighting terrorists. The terrorists have won.

Are we to go down with our hands around each other's necks, strangling?

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