Monday, October 20, 2014

GMRG8: The Screwfly Solution

Contains spoilers for the 1977 Racoona Sheldon story, "The Screwfly Solution." If you want to avoid them, don't click on the link.

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Raven Onthill said...

I am reminded of the famous Racoona Sheldon story, "The Screwfly Solution." There are insecticides which make male insects insane; when they meet a female insect, they kill it, rather than mating with it.

In any event, the story is about a plague among humans, which makes men respond to sexual attraction by attacking women. The story plays off the very real threats that women experience every day. Suppose it was not just some men who were dangerous—but every man? How would a man feel, as he went insane?

And sometimes it seems to me that something like this is at work among GMRG8rs. What possible reason is there for such hatred?

1. That isn't how screwflies are managed, actually. Instead sterile males are released in large numbers.
2. Racoona Sheldon, aka James Tiptree, Jr., aka Alice B. Sheldon, neƩ Alice Hastings Bradley, was one of the great feminist science fiction writers of the the 1970s.