Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Black Christmas

On my local Nextdoor, one of the automated interest generator posts is a survey: “How do you plan to celebrate Thanksgiving this year?” Several people replied they were going to have a regular Thanksgiving and celebrate life.

Well. No, not well. COVID-19 is surging throughout the USA. Transmission at family gatherings is common. There are four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year; about enough time for some who gets COVID to die.

It is going to be a black Christmas.

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The Blog Fodder said...

No one seems to care. Some of us have been in isolation since March while others pretend it doesn't exist. America is seeing the results of that now. As long as Black and Brown people, poor and old people die in the majority, it will be ignored. I am sorry. Ukraine is much the same. At least now we have weekend lockdowns and fines for wearing a mask. IF they are locally enforced.