Saturday, April 4, 2020

They Intend To Wreck The US Health Care System And Then Ration Health Care

We now have multiple reports that US Customs is confiscating shipments of medical personal protective equipment and sequestering them. Reportedly masks en route to other countries have been confiscated, prompting protests. There is a huge amount of profiteering going and, and still states have to beg for supplies. To get around this, Massachusetts more-or-less smuggled a shipment of masks into the state. People of color are dying at higher rates than white people due to poorer deliver of medical care. Meanwhile, the Administration continues to press its meritless lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act. If it succeeds tens of millions will lose access to health care

Without protective equipment health care systems will be hit, as doctors, nurses, and support personnel fall ill and die. This will create further chaos in the system. In the Republican-dominated states, where medical personnel will likely be given access to protective equipment by our political leaders, it will be like a droplet in the sea. Those states took precautions too late, and the system will be overwhelmed by the numbers of the sick.

Someone, several someones, somewhere, has a vision of a purified America without black or brown people, without weakness or illness and so they intend to wreck the US health care system and then ration health care. This is the culmination of a 75-year program of rationing health care in the USA. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was a modest limited reversal of this program and look how much opposition has been raised to it!