Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Bemused Observations on Washington State Initiative 976

Small minority of Washington State voters in an off year: property taxes are too high, we must limit them.

City departments of transportation: we cannot afford to repair and expand our streets.

Transit agencies: we can't afford to run buses, let alone actually build the rail system we need.

State legislature: let us allow the cities and transit agencies to add taxes to car tabs.

Small minority of Washington state voters in an off-year: car tabs are too expensive. we must limit them.

Self: I think we need to change our motto to "The Evergreen Pothole State” and the state song to “The Tim Eyman Memorial Bridge.”



we have over 4 million dollars from insurance from the explosion..we have the worse streets in texas..every time I see the mayor i raise hell with him about the streets threatening to send him bill for my front end alignment..he says the money is making 15,000 a month in interest..I said you can ask everyone in town if they give a shit about that ..they want to drive to the grocery store without the front end of their car falling apart..last I heard city was taking bids on the jobs..I knew I was getting to him cause the last few times he saw me coming he tried to dodge me.yeah, like thats going to work

Raven Onthill said...


The Washington State DOT and Sound Transit are pretty good about delivering on promised projects. But they cannot do it if they keep losing their funding.

The Blog Fodder said...

Why are people always bitching about taxes? Especially when they are used properly not for wars

Raven Onthill said...

Miserliness. People are being taught miserliness. On top of which the Pacific Northwest states have a history of brutal poverty and now, even though we are rich, the habits of poverty linger.