Sunday, February 24, 2019

Selected Recent Tweets 2019-02-24

[on Clobuchar’s student loan debt plan] At least, go back to allowing student loan debt to be dissolved in bankruptcy, and go back to allowing a dignified bankruptcy, none of this "reform" garbage. That's not enough, but it would for sure be better than what we have now.
But you know, she can't. I think she's a bought and paid for creature of the big money - that's what this shows

If we wanted to aid the people of Venezuela, we could lift the sanctions on the country. But, no, gotta get that oil. It's cooking the world, but gotta get that oil. –

[On preferring Warren to Sanders for reasons of representation] The black union people in Milwaukee, they loved [Bernie]. He was speaking their language.

In what world is rectifying economic inequities not a part of eliminating racism?

Fk. USA declares war on Venezuela, more-or-less. –

[In response to Paul Krugman, on health plans] One thing you are missing is how very much most people hate the [health] insurance companies. No medieval landlord was crueler. –

We have taken small steps, while the destroyers of the Earth have taken strides.

[On climate change] When packs of wolf packs are arriving it's OK to cry wolf. –

[on the idea that one needs a racially uniform population to successfully implement universal health care]
"All of our history is a coming together
  You want pure you're gonna have caves again.
Anyway who needs a freak like the grand dragon,
  So full of s..t his breath makes acid rain." [Bruce Cockburn lyric, slightly misheard] –

[On Sanders remarks on “humanitarian aid” in Venezuela] Or maybe he's a politician, doing what he needs to do. People forget that Sen Sanders is a pol. An unusually decent one, but he still has constituents to answer to. –

[On the sophisticated plagiarism that has emerged in Amazon ebooks] Hack writing and scam publishing for the 21st century, and Amazon doesn't care. Amazon makes money from it, hand over fist. –

Chavez, Maduro's predecessor, nationalized the Venezuelan oil industry and the US can't tolerate that. –

It's not so much that they want Venezuela's oil, though they do, but they hate having Venezuela's oil taken away from them. –

[What do white rural voters want?] Someone to represent them. They don't see themselves in the sophisticates, often children of the rich, they are usually offered. They're one rung up on the social ladder and they're determined to keep someone below them.

A lot of white suburbanites want the same thing.

Let me suggest that a lot of what goes wrong [in US foreign policy] is that we are using the military to resolve our internal conflicts, much like a man who has problems at home picking bar fights. It doesn't resolve problems at home, and it makes new problems outside. –

Cornyn, while people who sounded like you were building camps and ovens, socialists were dying to stop them.

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