Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Violence of the Facists and the Incivility of the Resistance

Stephanie Wilkinson, proprietor of the Red Hen in Lexington Virginia politely asks an unwanted customer to leave. Sarah Sanders uses her visibility and the authority of her office to summon thousands to harass Ms. Wilkinson.

Antifa shows up ready to rumble; the fascists show up with firearms.

Joshua Dukes tries to stop Marc Hokoana from using pepper spray, Elizabeth Hokoana, Marc's wife, shoots Joshua Dukes.

James Fields drives into a crowd of peaceful protesters, killing one and injuring others. The President condemns “violence on many sides.”

Desperate refugees come to the United States and the United States steals their children.

Mild and limited resistance to the fascists bring down a storm of complaints about “civility.” Murder, assault, and child theft bring at most half-hearted objections from the same people.

Civility in answer to raw hatred can be complicity. The offenses from the resistance are not to be compared with the greater violence from Trump, the Republicans, and their supporters.