Friday, June 29, 2018

Was Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign Sabotaged By Sexism In Her Own Party?

A lot of the complaints about Hillary Clinton's campaign were about how lackluster it was. Yet Clinton is a sharp and effective politician, and knows perfectly well how to run a campaign. She had and has extensive and loyal support. So perhaps her own staff just didn't think she was up to the job and didn't let her do her best. Perhaps she was referred to the wrong staff by people who wanted her to fail. Perhaps…I don't know. More certain knowledge will probably have to await historical study.

But whatever the case, I think it likely sexism within the Democratic Party played a part in her loss.

(We now pause to observe a bird banging its head against a cage.)


mike w. said...

Sexism with the DNC, and sexism among the general voting (and non-voting) public, given a healthy boost from right-wing echo chamber media that have been defaming all things Clinton since Bill was first elected.

However what sank Mrs. Clinton was a not sexism but hubris & ineptitude on the part of her campaign.

Her biggest mistake though, IMHO, was not telling Mr. Trump to stop stalking behind her during the debates. A short, sharp rebuke in a public forum would've done her campaign a world of good.

Raven Onthill said...

I suspect that the hubris & ineptitude was partly the result of sexism in either the staff she was offered or the staff she picked. Can't prove it yet, don't know yet, but do suspect.