Thursday, February 8, 2018

What will mass deportations be like?

So, let's say that (as seem depressingly likely) the Democrats do not successfully manage to get any form of DREAM act passed. So, what happens then?

Does Homeland Security already have a plan in place for mass deportations? How would they be implemented? What is the impact? Here's a few thoughts on the Mexicans, who are perhaps half of the DACA recipents; 345,000 people.

Some 76% of DACA recipients are from Mexico or Central America. That is perhaps a half a million people, most of them probably Mexican. Let's suppose that Homeland Security attempts to apprehend these people as their authorizations expire. Some go underground, some are apprehended and deported – to where? Mexico is a big place, and Mexico City, deep in the mountainous interior, is very different from Monterrey in the Northern border state of Nuevo León, and that, in turn is different from Mexican border cities like Tijuana and Juarez. Without family in Mexico, they likely will find their way difficult.

What happens in the USA? Undocumented Mexicans are a significant population in the USA. Does Homeland Security start running sweeps? How does their neighbors react? What is done when US citizens are swept up in this wide net?

And on, and on.



absolutely makes me insane with anger...sigh*

Raven Onthill said...

Me, too, but all I've ever found to do is wave my fist and engage in small-scale activism.

Old bird, croaking at clouds.