Monday, July 10, 2017

Tweets: Bad King Trump, Sanders Compromise, IT security, and Alaska Nazis

He's compromising. That's part of the job. Sanders has made a career of staking out radical positions and then getting the best compromise he can. There's nothing hypocritical about a politician being politic. I expected that his own supporters would be unhappy with Sanders compromising. I did not expect he was going to be criticized by Clinton supporters for doing what they want! Clinton supporters, you have won this one. Don't complain about it.

On Sarah Palin's "14 words" (white supremacist tweet): I hate Alaska Nazis.

I thought it said going to go down with stories about bad kings, myself. With added history about what happens to countries betrayed by a faction of their leadership. Why are most Republican elected officials on board? They must know the history of treason for political ends – certainly Gingrich does. Do they think they will all escape the consequences of their actions?

The Princess sits on the throne for a moment. Mr. Pierce, why haven't more people noticed that Trump thinks and acts like a monarch?

The central problem here, in my view, is the overall insecurity of US civilian IT infrastructure. It is the job of the NSA to secure it, yet this does not seem to have been done. Not expecting leadership from the Trump administration on this issue.

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