Sunday, June 28, 2015

Breaking News: Pray for Hellas

“I never discuss economic policy with Germans, because for them it’s not about economics, it’s religion.”—anonymous senior Eurozone official, quoted in the Guardian

My previous articles on the Greek fiscal disaster:
So it has come to the breaking point, and in less than 45 minutes, the hour at which Greek banks open will pass, and the banks will not open. Numerous possibilities follow on this, most of them bad. Here's a few links before the storm:
  • The Guardian: Greece crisis deepens as banks close for a week after weekend that shook euro. An overview. Also contains the most clueless remark of the week so far: German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, was “perplexed and depressed” by developments.
  • How Eurocrats, Greeks, Germans, and Eastern Europeans View the Greek Crisis. Possibly the best English-language commentary on the mass politics that have lead to this pass.
  • Paul Krugman: Grisis. "The troika clearly did a reverse Corleone — they made Tsipras an offer he can’t accept, and presumably did this knowingly. So the ultimatum was, in effect, a move to replace the Greek government. And even if you don’t like Syriza, that has to be disturbing for anyone who believes in European [democratic] ideals."
  • Where is My European Union? Commentary by Greek Alex Andreou, on democracy in the European Union and the disaster austerity has made of Greek life.
  • (Added 6/29) "Tsipras had only two red lines it would and it could not cross […] What the past week made clear is that this, and only this was the objective of the creditors.—Francesco Saracen, It's the Politics, Stupid.
Now less than ½ hour.

We are fighting wars in these cradles of Western civilization: Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Greece. How can this be? Why?

I am left wondering whether a unified currency is appropriate for a multi-national, multi-cultural federation.

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