Thursday, March 7, 2013


During his filibuster of Brennan's nomination for head of the CIA, Ron Paul read from the posts of a number of leftist bloggers who have never been heard before on major national media: Charles Pierce, Kevin Gostzola, and Glenn Greenwald, among others. And because this is the age where being known is more important than knowing anything, these people have now gotten more attention than they ever dreamed possible.

And, as Josh Marshall pointed out, "Rejoining just before midnight, what is most amazing to me, refreshing, is that at this moment — 12:24 AM on the East Coast — you actually have a real debate about domestic security and war powers on the floor of the Senate. Not the normal staged nonsense but an actual debate, which got underway when Dick Durbin joined the exchange."

It may be a brief flare of reason before the final descent into madness, but I'd like to hope that sanity is at last breaking out.

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