Friday, November 30, 2012

A Bad Day For Freedom

Syria shuts down internet and cell phone connectivity: (#SyriaBlackout.) BBC. Atrocities, presumably, to follow.

Reuters: Egypt constitution finalized as opposition cries foul. Morsi rammed it through. There seems no English-language translations yet, or even detailed summaries, but "The draft injects new Islamic references into Egypt's system of government but keeps in place an article defining 'the principles of sharia' as the main source of legislation - the same phrase found in the previous constitution" and "activists highlighted other flaws such as worrying articles pertaining to the rights of women and freedom of speech." Still haven't seen a full analysis in English, though.

In other news, the UN has recognized Palestinians as a state, effectively endorsing a two-state solution, but they are a state with little territory. Whether this is a positive or negative remains to be seen. At least, it is a strong rebuke to Israel.

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