Thursday, June 28, 2012

On the ACA decision

Me, writing just before the decision:
I think it possible that the Court is going to rule beyond the ACA. Perhaps they will take positions that affect Medicare or Medicaid, or perhaps they will restrict the Commerce Clause in some way. Link.
And, b'golly, I called that one. Croak!  Croakcroakcroak! They did blow away the enforcement of the Medicaid expansion in the ACA, and they did it by weakening the Commerce Clause.

I guess they didn't touch Medicare because it is too popular.

The other thing that strikes me, is that like most of the major decisions of the Roberts Court, is that this decision is a mess.  We have no idea how the Court is going to rule on future social welfare programs, now that the Commerce Clause has been held as not applying to this one.  I gather the rest of the Court's conservatives rendered a blithering, blistering disaster of a dissent.  I haven't seen much reporting of it yet, but I suspect some of the ideas expressed in it are going to figure in future conservative decisions.

Meantime, let us take note that for Roberts the wealth of the 1% trumps conservative ideology, but for the rest of the Court's conservatives it is the other way.

Gonna keep us corvids well-fed, what, hey?

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