Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feeding Corvids: the Death Penalty

On Troy Davis:
I am struck by the way all of the highest authorities of the USA found reasons not to intervene. The Supreme Court, Congress, the President, all found reasons not to act, and now a man who is likely innocent has been killed by the state of Georgia. No citizen is safe from a corrupt state government, it appears. Why is there not more concern for your own lives and freedoms, if not compassion for Troy Davis? 
On Awlaki:
And what is to prevent any future administration from declaring any of you “enemies of the state” and ordering you killed without a trial?
On Amanda Knox:
Released, Guardian article, link.

"If Amanda Knox had been in Georgia’s legal system, she would probably be dead instead of on an airplane home."--Juan Cole, link.

But Juan, you forget that Knox is white.

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