Friday, July 8, 2011

In Response to Krugman: should Democrats in Congress vote for it?

Krugman, via Economists View post:
Anyway, I don’t believe that it’s all political calculation. Watching Mr. Obama and listening to his recent statements, it’s hard not to get the impression that he is now turning for advice to people who really believe that the deficit, not unemployment, is the top issue facing America..., and who also believe that the great bulk of deficit reduction should come from spending cuts. It’s worth noting that even Republicans weren’t suggesting cuts to Social Security; this is something Mr. Obama and those he listens to apparently want for its own sake.

Which raises the big question: If a debt deal does emerge, and it overwhelmingly reflects conservative priorities and ideology, should Democrats in Congress vote for it?

This birds take is, the House Democrats would be best opposing; let the Senate Democrats do as they wish.

The House Democrats are largely progressive and quickly subject to public outrage. There's no victory for them--let the Republicans take the hit.

The Senate Democrats, on the other hand, are largely conservative. The conservatives won't hurt in the short term from this; let the liberals refuse to participate, and the conservatives form a coalition with the Republicans.

New party, still in the works.

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