Sunday, December 26, 2010

Obama Didn't...

Continuing in the explication of objections to Obama on the left:
  1. Adequately address unemployment. Considering that the Obama administration asked for an inadequate stimulus to begin with, rather than let Congress bargain them down, Obama can hardly say this is a result of Republican obstruction.
  2. Address the corruption and exploitation (dday, passim.) of the residential real estate market.
  3. Failure to adequately address banking reform. The problems which led us into this new depression are still there, and it will be all to do again when the system fails again, which it will.
  4. Failure to adequately address health care costs. (Sorry--no link today. Maybe link tomorrow.)
These are all, at bottom, a single failure: a failure to respond in any effective way—or even to show an interest in responding—to the huge expansion of the power of wealth and the expansion of the gap between rich & poor. The failures to adequately address unemployment and the residential real estate market are probably the two most significant reasons which the Democratic Party did so poorly in the 2010 elections.

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