Thursday, July 15, 2010

Obama: Reviving Conservatism

I think that Obama is working to revive moderate conservatism. But conservatism was intellectually bankrupt by the time of the Reagan administration. Even its economics, formerly its intellectually strongest area, has been discredited. There is no way to do to revive conservatism--it is dead. Obama has brought something to life, but it is a zombie. As the moderate conservative policies have failed, which they have consistently done, the Democrats prove unable to abandon the failed policies, and align themselves more and more with the radical reactionaries, and cause more and more pain.

Barack H.H. Obama. Who knew?

[Revised for clarity 2010.09.07]

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Ted K said...

I think many publications (such as WSJ and Fox) have served to brainwash people into thinking conservatism and Republican policies are one and the same, when often time they are not. And I think meshing Republican policy and the idealism of conservatism has done just as much damage to this country as has the right-wing media's attempt to turn "liberal" into a curse word. Although I like your posts generally, I am afraid Raven you have been reeled in like a big brain-washed fish in that you have now meshed conservative ideas with Republican policy which often times are diametrically opposed.

I think it would be better stated President Obama has been conned by Rahm Emanuel into thinking that hiding in the White house bathroom everytime a problem pops up is good politics.