Wednesday, June 16, 2010


[based on my comment on Brad Delong's journal]

I think US national policy has returned to its habitual deadlock. It's not clear to me that this deadlock will be broken in less than a decade. Obama is not likely to be succeeded by someone more liberal, after all, and, while there are some promising new liberal Senators, it will take years before they develop real power.

I am trying to imagine a ten-year depression. It is hard even to think about it. And yet--what will prevent it?

Blogging has been sparse lately. I have started a new job and have far less time to spend on amateur political science. I have several longer pieces I am interested in writing, but I have little heart for it. If we are, as seems to me likely, entering a ten-year period of political deadlock and economic stagnation, then I am writing for the long-term, and it seems to me I can make more difference doing other things.


Anonymous said...

You're not the only one. I haven't done any substantial blogging recently, and all seems quiet on a number of fronts. People too busy worrying about real life?

Ted K said...

You'll be missed. Take it easy.

Raven Onthill said...

Thanks, folks. Ted, I took your suggestion & am reading Clark Clifford's book. Fascinating, & I'm left wondering how much of our current problems were avoidable?

Ted K said...

Mainly I thought Mr. Clifford's book relates to politics, but I forgot, he did have something to do with that LTCM or some scam didn't he??? I had completely forgot about that. I always liked him and I was severely disappointed when I found he had connections to one of those corruption scandals. It may have just been his age, but he was always a sharp one.

By the way Raven, I was thinking it would be cool to have you do a post on my site. Not on economics, but some kind of social/political commentary. I guess you have your hands full here with your own blog. BUt if you would like to do a post on the Clark Clifford book or another social/political issue you have an open invitation. Just let me know in comments here or whatever. It should be something semi-long like 2--3 pages, other than that you basically have carte blanche and I'll give you full credit. I'd be grateful. I'm a lazy so and so and I need all the posts I can get, haha. At least think about it.