Friday, December 25, 2009

God Jul!

Which is Swedish for Merry Christmas, more-or-less, though it goes into English as "Good Yule." On the Northwest coast of America, the Haida tell stories, no two the same, about how Grandfather Raven stole the sun and placed it in the sky. On the other hand, in the home of Judaism, ravens are thought unclean and inclined to betrayal. In the bad old days of Greece, when Apollo was a war god, wolves and ravens were among his creatures.

So, I have a Yule thought for you-folk. Or perhaps it's a Christmas thought. As the new depression wears on, and people begin to accept that it's going to be years before things get better, we are going to have to decide if our wealthy are going to share some of their wealth for the common good. This coming year, I think, will be the beginning of this decision.


[minor copy error corrected after a few days.]

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