Thursday, August 13, 2009

If We're So Smart, Why Ain't We Rich?

A few days ago I asked a union candidate for the Seattle Port Commission, Max Vekich, what there was on the organized left for non-union people. He suggested Working America, which an AFL-CIO outreach which members don't vote on the leadership. I can join which members don't vote on the leadership. I can join numerous other sort-of leftie which members don't on the leadership. I think I detect a pattern here.

Where is there a US leftist organization where members can choose policy and goals and pick the leaders and managers? One that is not, like the old socialist parties, fighting the war not even of the 20th century, but of the 19th. I'd join a modern leftist party, engaged in modern leftist issues, in a trice. I think a lot of people would. And such an organization might even be able to make a real difference in policy.

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Hank Roberts said...

Problem may be that so many right-wingers would join right away too, and take it over. I think a lot of political groups face that problem.

Kind of like blog reply threads if you think about it